Arthur Zaske

The founder and current president of Arthur Zaske & Associates LLC. has been in the financial business for over 45 years, getting his start with Merrill Lynch as a Futures Broker back in the early 1970’s. After three years, he took a position as an Office Manager for Shearson Hayden Stone (Salomon Smith Barney), became a division director and managed a subsidiary corporation for Shearson. At Bache (now Prudential Financial), Mr. Zaske managed a local department and produced a technical market letter. During the first two years of Mr. Zaske’s second tenure with Merrill Lynch, he was the administrative manager covering three offices, and was one of the founding partners of the Merrill Lynch Retirement Group. As a founding partner of the Merrill Lynch Retirement group Mr. Zaske employed the asset allocation strategy he had built in 1979 and 1980, to manage the assets of other Merrill Lynch customers. Additionally, Mr. Zaske was the architect of a mutual fund which Merrill Lynch Asset Management successfully offered to Merrill Lynch customers.

In 1986 Arthur Zaske took an opportunity to become the manager of the Institutional Services Group covering the State of Michigan for Drexel Burnham & Lambert. Here, he focused on managing fixed income securities and debt strategies for financial institutions and medium sized corporations. He also maintained a fee based investment advisory business concentrating on High Net Worth Individuals. Further, he was an instructor in Drexel’s national institutional services seminars covering asset backed securities and other derivative investments.

In 1988 Mr. Zaske left Drexel Burnham & Lambert to co-found his own investment advisory firm Zaske, Sarafa & Associates Inc. As the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer the firms assets grew to over $900 million under management. In 2016, Arthur Zaske & Associates LLC. became active as a registered investment advisor.

As founder and Manager of Arthur Zaske & Associates LLC., Arthur Zaske is responsible for the entire wealth and asset management process. Having developed and evolved several strategic and tactical strategies, he supervises the planning and implementation for high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients. These strategies are based upon unique parameters and proprietary analysis to avoid being swept up in the ebb and flow of a professional crowd or an amateur crowd. Mr. Zaske is also well-versed in sophisticated personal tax strategies and asset protection structures. He directly manages the firm’s Ultra-High Net Worth consulting business, and makes the primary decisions regarding the investment direction of the firm.